#FeministFest Top 20 Shows

#Feminist #YesAllWomen


Here are our Top 20 #FeministFest picks of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015. They’re in alphabetical order. We haven’t seen any of these shows yet. The #FeministFest team sifted through the entire Fringe programme and friends’ recommendations. These are the twenty pitches that jumped out at us. Many are written, directed, produced and performed by women. All feature feminist themes and content.

We can’t wait to go see these shows, plus many more, with our 30 awesome #FeministFest bloggers this August. Stay tuned for original reviews of each show by our bloggers here at feministfestival.scot very soon!

Black is the Color of My Voice

1.15pm | 1hr | Gilded Balloon 
Inspired by the life of Nina Simone, the show follows a jazz musician and civil rights activist called Mena Bordeaux as she undergoes a spiritual cleansing following the untimely death of her father. During a three day period of isolation without cigarettes, alcohol, or…

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